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Both our vineyards are situated in the picturesque Barossa Valley of South Australia. With its sunny Mediterranean climate and fertile red-brown earth, this area has been recognised since the earliest days of white settlement as being ideal for growing top quality wine grapes. The resulting wines are rich in fruit characters, with a depth of flavour that many feel is unmatched around the world.

We practice the no-till method of cultivation and, to protect the valuable topsoil and minimise weed infestation, we plant herbaceous crops between the rows. This material is later cut and thrown under the vine canopy, to act as a mulch that protects the vine roots from summer heat, improves soil structure and reduces water usage.

Elevation 284-285 Metres

Located on the Light Pass Road, this 22-hectare (54-acre) property has been in the Hahn family since 1885. It features re-trellised Shiraz (1968) and Cabernet Sauvignon that produce high quality wines.

Elevation 290-305 Metres

This 30-hectare (75-acre) property, purchased in recent years, has had vines grown on it since the early 20th Century. It is now planted to low-yielding Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties that produce the high quality fruit for our flagship and premium wines.