Hahn Barossa Vineryards early days


On 25 January 1839, Johann Christian Hahn and his wife Maria Elizabeth left their home in Brausendorf Silesia (now Poland), to travel to South Australia on the sailing ship 'Catharina'. They were some of the very earliest white settlers
to arrive in this state.

Johann worked as a farmer-gardener and, in 1846, purchased 32 hectares (80 acres) of land in the Barossa Valley.

Maintaining the family's rural tradition, Johann Christian II (pictured right), bought land of his own-situated on the Light Pass Road, Barossa Valley-in February 1885. Mixed farming and viticulture were common pursuits in the area in those days, and now, after being in the Hahn Family for five generations, the property is totally planted to vines.

In recent years, our company, Hahn Barossa Vineyards, has acquired a block at Ebenezer, where grapes have been grown since the early 20th century. While replanting to shiraz and cabernet sauvignon vines, we found many relics of the early days, including a stone-wall well, dating back to the 1890s. This well has been restored, because we feel it is important to respect and preserve the historical aspects of our properties for future generations.


We're proud of our family history with it's strong links to the Barossa Region
(South Australia) and local traditions. This pride is reflected in the way we grow our grapes and make our wine.

Our flagship wine is Catharina Shiraz, which is made from grapes grown in the Barossa Valley, on our properties at Ebenezer and Light Pass. It is named after the ship that brought our ancestors to Australia over 150 years ago.

In designing our corporate image, we wanted to maintain this historical theme, so we've introduced the wing graphic and the black and gold colours from our family crest. This elegant label design is representative of the top quality you can expect from our wine.